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Dave Walter BMW
Sales: (330) 762-0791

2006, 2007, & 2008

Dave Walter BMW is dealer of the year finalist for 2011! 

Waltham, Mass. - January 18, 2011 - DealerRater, the world's premier car dealer review web site, today unveiled the finalists of the 2011 Dealer of the Year Award Program.  Through this award program, 30 manufacturer categories were represented, in addition to the classification of Used Car Dealer and the overall 2011 Dealer of the Year.

The top finalists of the 2011 Dealer of the Year Award Program by category include:


  • Chapman BMW - Chandler, Zriz.
  • Dave Walter BMW - Akron, Ohio
  • MileOne Tischer BMW - Silver Spring, MD.
  • Park Ave BMW - Rochelle Park, NJ
  • Prestige BMW - Ramsey, NJ


BMW Continues To Bring Home the Hardware!

  • Resale Value Award - Best Luxury Brand
  • Resale Value Award - Best Alternate Energy Utility Vehicle (X5)
  • Top 10 Resale Value (X5 & X6)
  • Best Luxury Utility Category (X5)
  • Few F10 5 Series Sedan - The only premium IIHS Top Safety Pick in 2010
  • New F25 X3 - Made in the USA!
  • New F12 6 Convertible - Due in 2Q 2011
  • BMW M3 GT - Winner of the 2010 ALMS Manufacturer's Championship
  • BMW M3 GT - Winner of the 2010 24 Hours of Nurburgring
  • Plant Spartanburg - The largest exporter of premium vehicles in the United States
  • Plant Spartanburg - Over 60% powered by methane from local landfill (green energy!)
  • BMW Water - Based Paint Processes and Reclamation - Saves over 9.8 million gallons of fresh water each year across the world.
BMW Group Commitment in America Continues
·         BMW Plant Spartanburg expansion completes one billion dollar investment
·         All-new BMW X3 sets new U.S. benchmark for built-to-order manufacturing
·         All-new BMW X3 pricing announced
BMW celebrated the opening of the new 1.2 million square feet plant expansion in Spartanburg, South Carolina today with BMW Group Chairman Dr. Norbert Reithofer announcing that it completes the company’s one billion US dollar investment in the U.S. market between 2008 and 2010.  “The U.S. will remain the world’s largest premium market for the foreseeable future and we intend to participate in the expected growth with the expansion of our activities here,” said Reithofer.
$750 million USD of the total investment prepares Plant Spartanburg to produce the all-new BMW X3 including construction of a new assembly hall and expansion of the Body and Paint Shops for higher production capacities. As a result, Spartanburg’s production capacity is set to increase by 50% from 160,000 to 240,000 units by 2011.  To support the increased production, a total of 1,600 new jobs are being created.  The total number of jobs at the plant will increase to 7,600 by the end of the year. 
The balance of the one billion USD investment was used to expand and modernize BMW Group’s U.S. headquarters campus in New Jersey and to build two new regional distribution centers in the Northeast and Midwest in 2008 and 2009.
Since the inception of the plant in the early 1990s, BMW Group has lead in helping to establish America’s Southeast as a new center of the automotive industry in the U.S.  With its start of production, the new BMW X3 joins production of the BMW X5 and X6, making Plant Spartanburg the company’s primary center of competence for X-models.  All three BMW models are manufactured exclusively at Spartanburg for customers world-wide with more than 70 percent of the plant’s production exported to world markets and establishes BMW as the largest automotive exporter from the U.S. to non-NAFTA countries.
The flexible assembly processes of the BMW X3 coupled with just-in-time parts management means that customers can have their X3 tailor-made to their own specifications, as well as make changes to their order until six days before production begins.  With this accelerated build-to-order concept in mind, the assembly hall for the new X3 was designed for maximum production flexibility to accommodate individualized production in the shortest possible time.
For additional information on the plant expansion, visit:
All-New BMW X3 SAV Pricing Announced
In conjunction with today’s expansion news, BMW also announces pricing for the all-new BMW X3 Sports Activity Vehicle®, which arrives in dealer showrooms by the end of the year. 
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for the refined, 240-horsepower X3 xDrive28i is $37,628. The turbocharged, 300-horsepower X3 xDrive35i MSRP is $41,925. Both prices include $875 Destination & Handling fee.
At $37,625 for the X3 xDrive28i, the all-new 2011 X3 also represents a notable jump in value over its 2010 predecessor, which started at $39,725.
The 2011 X3 will also include more standard equipment, including Bluetooth connectivity, iPod/USB interface, anti-theft alarm system, and on the X3 xDrive35i, standard BMW Xenon Adaptive Headlights.

Corporate Communications
BMW of North America, LLC
BMW 5 Series Receives Five Stars in New More Stringent Crash Test
The all-new BMW 5 Series was one of only two vehicles to receive an overall five-star rating in the first crash tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration under the new, more stringent New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). 
New criteria for the NCAP rating system include: more stringent side-impact tests, use of crash-test dummies of varying size (now also simulating a small adult female as well as a medium-size adult male), collection of more data, introduction of a single overall rating score and the highlighting of high-tech crash avoidance systems like electronic stability control, lane departure warning and forward collision warning.
The all-new 2011 BMW 5 Series is available with Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Detection, and Active Cruise Control with a Stop & Go feature. It is also available with Night Vision with Pedestrian Detection, a BMW first.
Every 2011 BMW 5 Series is equipped with BMW Assist which includes an enhanced Automatic Collision Notification system. This system, developed jointly with the William Lehman Trauma Center, not only contacts the emergency call center automatically in the event of a collision, but will also transmit data that will alert emergency responders to the probability of severe injury in order to help them better prepare.
Another important safety feature for drivers in colder climates is the availability of BMW’s xDrive all-wheel drive, which is now available for the 535i and 550i Sedans as well as the 535i and 550i Gran Turismo.


Spartanburg County BMW plant seeks 600 more workers | View Web

Trevor Anderson

The German automaker said Monday it needs another 600 contingency associates to help it meet the global demand for its X5 and X6 models, as well as a bump in production from the next-generation X3.

BMW has made two announcements in the past three months amounting to 1,000 contingency jobs filled through its staffing partner Augusta, Ga.-based MAU Inc. As the company previously said, the positions will be full time and include health, dental, 401(k) and vacation benefits.

MAU Inc. scheduled job fairs for 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 13 and Oct. 20 at Spartanburg Community College's Tyger River Campus.

“This is a very exciting time,” said BMW spokesman Bobby Hitt. “We have a new plant ... and a new group of great, enthusiastic people from MAU Inc. After a prolonged period of downturn in the global economy, it's great to be involved in the success of something like this. There's a lot of interest in this, and a lot of people want to be a part of it.”

Hitt said the company has been running one shift at its new 1.2 million-square-foot flexible assembly facility on the north end of the campus since production of the X3 began Sept. 1. The first models will go to Europe starting later this year.

He said workers have been slowly ramping up production and the company will add a second shift to build the X3 soon. BMW should start building cars in the next few months that will hit American showrooms in 2011, Hitt said.

On Friday, BMW reported sales of the X5 and X6 helped the company's U.S. sales increase 20.5 percent in September. Sales of the X5 increased to 3,632 units during the month, compared to the 1,393 units sold in September 2009. BMW sold 558 X6 units in September, compared to 251 units during the same month last year.

“The introduction of the next-generation BMW X3, along with strong continuing global demand for the X5 and X6 is a great stimulus for our creating more jobs in our facilities here in the U.S.,” said Josef Kerscher, president of BMW Manufacturing. “It's a wonderful feeling to know we can add another economic incentive to the region and further our commitment here in America.”

In addition to the jobs announcement, the automaker said it intends to begin transferring some of its contingency workers to full-time BMW associates.

The company said it currently has 7,000 jobs at its 4 million-square-foot Spartanburg plant.

“I'm just really proud of BMW for everything they've done, especially given the economic climate,” said Spartanburg County Councilman David Britt. “They have a product the world wants and Spartanburg is helping them make that. It says a lot about the craftsmanship and intellect of our people and BMW for having chosen this place to make their vehicles. Every announcement like this validates the decision they made in 1992 to come to Spartanburg.”



Warren Brown reviews the 2011 BMW 335d | View Web
Washington Post - Online

Warren Brown
CORNWALL, N.Y. It was motorized epiphany, the sudden realization that the seemingly impossible is possible. We can have power, fun in driving and fuel efficiency. All we need is money -- in a rounded sum, at least $44,000. But it's worth it, the 2011 BMW 335d sedan.

After several hundred miles of driving, mostly in my resident state of Virginia, I believe the 335d is the best midsize sedan ever. That's 'best' as in better than any midsize sedan I've driven in 42 years of driving and driving nearly everything there is to be driven.

It is praise bordering on hyperbole, worthy of reader derision. But I ask you to withhold judgment until you've driven this one yourself, an experience enthusiastically recommended here.

Is there any midsize sedan anywhere that delivers so much torque -- the twisting force on the drive wheels (rear, in this case) -- so smoothly? Va-whoppemm-voom! That's the way it feels -- 425 foot-pounds of torque generated at 1,750 revolutions per minute by the 335d's twin-turbocharged, 3-liter in-line six-cylinder engine, which also packs 265 horsepower.

I've never felt anything like it in what otherwise passes for a family car, certainly not in anything that also gets a respectable 36 miles per gallon in highway driving.

I was gob smacked, so much so that I ignored everything else in my Virginia driveway, including a gasoline-powered 2011 MazdaSpeed3 originally scheduled for this week's column.

I'll get to the MazdaSpeed3 in a later column. But now I must pay tribute to my addiction to advanced diesel engines, which are about 30 percent more fuel-efficient than their gasoline counterparts.

In full truth, diesel has an advantage over gasoline that speaks more to fuel conservation than it does to money saved by the consumer.

Diesel engines usually are more expensive than gasoline models. The $43,950 base price of the BMW 335d, for example, is $3,350 more than that charged for the gasoline-fueled BMW 335i. And in the United States, ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel, which is required for modern diesel engines, also costs more than gasoline. In late August on the East Coast, for example, ultra-low-sulfur diesel was priced at $2.95 a gallon compared with $2.64 a gallon for regular gasoline, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Still, the driving beauty of advanced diesel engines, featuring direct-fuel-injection technology, overwhelms all. That's especially the case in the 335d, where BMW offers an improved turn on the direct-fuel-injection theme.

In other cars, fuel is injected via nozzles before cylinder intake valves. In the 335d, the fuel is injected directly into each of the car's six cylinders, thereby increasing fuel efficiency, power and torque, and providing a more complete burn of the fuel used. The latter attribute, in combination with advanced exhaust treatment, yields lower tailpipe emissions.

Viscerally, for driver and passengers, the experience is this: At ignition, there is a throaty rumble, a tad more pronounced than heard in a comparable gasoline-fueled car. But there is nothing noisily offensive about it. Nor is there any traditional 'diesel smell' or dark exhaust smoke.

The car feels a tad slow moving from 'start.' But, whoa! Va-whoppemm-voom! The torque gathers up and does its thing and launches the 335d forward with such gleeful force you want to drive it forever.

We want this one back. That includes me and my two able associate contributors to this column, Ria Manglapus and my wife, Mary Anne. Heck, we like this one so much we're willing to lease it at our own expense for long-term use. Let's make a deal, BMW. Let's make a deal!

BMW of North America, LLC


Diesel in America: 1300 Miles in a BMW 335d 01/25/2010



America and Europe might have this whole hybrid/diesel thing the wrong way round.  You see, hybrids like Toyota's Prius or Ford's Fusion do the best work in stop-start city driving, where their gas engines shut down at traffic lights, and their electric motors ease them up to speed again.  Diesels, on the other hand, like cruising at constant velocities, where their highly efficient combustion process allows them to extract the maximum energy out of every gallon of fuel.  But Europe's ancient cities are perpetually jammed with diesels idling at traffic lights, while here in America you regularly see hybrids being hustled along freeways at 70-80 mph, their electric motors virtually useless.  I've always thought America's vast Interstate network, still one of the largest and least crowded freeway systems in the world, was made for diesels.  Which is why I decided to take our BMW 335d long-termer for a road trip through the southwest via Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma.

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